Sunday, June 24, 2012

This Is Not A Test ....

Ok. No more dilly dally-ing. This is not a test.

I want this, me, to be viable. I want this whole experience/ hobby/ project/ what-have-you to not only be something I want to do; but something that is more than it's own reward. Emails have gone out to blogs I like (non-sellers) to inquire about advertising. I have researched about having my site retooled by someone who knows what they are doing so it can become a finished product much sooner than I ever could do by myself. My office is just this close to being functional. This is not a test.

There are several aspects to Loud Waterfall :: the shop, the blog, the charity that I support. Then there is me. Loud Waterfall is me. This is not a test. This is me.

My time is not always my own. I have an amazing husband who has been promoted (sorta) and has entered about a year's length of training and added stress. I am so very proud of him - he works very hard and when he actually is home, I want to be there. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. This is not a test.

Discovering a snail in the rain - she was fascinated!

Then there is Sadiecakes. The two year old sparkly tornado that brings a smile to face on a minute-to-minute basis. She blows my socks off with her smarts and silly-ness. I want to play every game, decorate every cupcake, slide down each slide. I don't want to miss a single moment. I still have pangs of sadness for that I have missed. I do not want to add to the tally. This is not a test.

So where do I fit in? Where is my time? LWP time? Heaven forbid I get a few hours out of the house a week to go to the gym and lose the baby weight I have zero excuse to still have saddled on me. Time to go shoot something that isn't Sadie. Please do not get me wrong - I love that nearly all of my current photos are Sadie themed - I just need to find me. This is not a test.

So how do I morph these compartments of me into one functional, fun, a bit of old me/ a bit of new me? My Etsy shop turning one seems to be a turning point for me. The next few months should be eye-opening for me. This is not a test ....

This is not a test .... This is real. This is me.

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  1. Oh, I feel you, hon! It's hard finding me-time while balancing all the other (and incredibly important) aspects of life! I think you're doing an amazing job! You're doing it all: being a wonderful mommy, wife AND balancing a job, an Etsy shop, a blog ... Be proud of yourself. I know you think it could be better (I do this to myself all the time), but just stop and think once in while, you're doing awesome already! You know what helps me? Sometimes, when my husband is home, I go out with my camera (like an hour before Ravi goes to bed), drive to the forest and take photographs. It really calms me down and I can have fun, be creative and I'm back just in time to put the little one in bed :) It's only an hour, but it can make a huge difference. Take care and have a lovely week! xxx