Monday, June 25, 2012

Before ...

                                Mobile courtesy of Auntie Day!
The culprit exterior wall
Just another corner

Ok, kinda before. This is after the construction but before that it was a very sweet and complete nursery.

Moving on ....

Paint samples. Bought. Room layout. In my head. Construction people. Not coming back. It's all up to me ... Sure, I will be bouncing ideas off Jason, but for the most part, redecorating will take place while he is at work. Lucky devil ....

I grabbed sample sizes of the slate-ish/ blue and the yellowy-taupe (the two big discs). The freshly fixed carpet is already the small taupe sample color, the trim is white.

Gunkelman's Updated Classic

I'm thinking of maybe using the small yellow disc color for accent on maybe a shelf or organization something-something .... like the one below ....

Love the shelf above the desk

My desk and chair are a lovely dark wood - actual wood, not some facsimilie there of.  I need to make a cushion for my chair. Do I mix stain & paint pieces? Hmmm ..... I need a new bookshelf. I see a trip to IKEA in my near future. Love that place. Maybe The Container Store too .... This could get quite fun ....

The Big Girl! Room will have to wait until this project is done. I'm fine with that. Her room will require me sewing & that is still a hurdle. But I am sure I will pick out her fabric soon. I love a trip to F&S!

I will keep you posted on any progress. Samples will go up tonight. I like to live with them for at least a few days. See them in different light, different times of day, make sure I'm happy. So much easier than repainting! 

Have a good night ~

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