Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This is me ...

I love to travel. New places. New sights. New time zone.  New food. I could go on .... But I think what I really love about leaving home and exploring this incredible planet of ours, what I love the most, is being out of my element.  Lack of sleep, new languages, exotic foods, streets I have never walked down before - the only thing recognizable is my reflection. Out. Of. My. Element.

Little did I realize all of my passport stamps, all of my TSA searches, all of my travel books read during layovers - it all prepared me for 2 things. Motherhood. And Loud Waterfall Photography.

So that brings us to now.

I am a California girl (Los Angeles to be more specific) who is madly in love with her perfect man; who loves to tickle a feisty 2 year old; has more photo archives than she can count; who still insists on having a camera within reach at all times; and, who will own a bakery in another life.

This is me.

Wife to a crazy, sexy, wonderful man who knocks my socks off with a grin.

This is me.

Momma to a toddler who thinks she just turned 6 and not 2 - independent, gregarious, silly, and always quick to flash a smile to get out of whatever jam she leapt into with both feet.

This is me.
Max Yavno (1911-1985) 

Part time Collections Manager for a private fine art photography collection in LA who loves to sit quietly and just take in her immeasurable fortune, to be surrounded by photography that refocused the concept of art.

This is me.

Full time observer - with and without camera (preferably with!) who just wants to take things in, her way. And then relay that experience to you.

This is me. Hi. It's nice to meet you!



  1. Woot! I'm your first follower. Congratulations on the shiny new blog.