Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't Tell CPS ~

I made my child perform manual labor.  She loved it! We painted 2 samples swatches of the colors we bought yesterday.

Our 1st sample :: Hampton Green

So, I stripped her down (no ruined clothes if I can help it!). Handed her a small roller and a paper plate with a few dollops on it. Now, being 2 (and MY child), she is a bit of a free spirit. Sadie was not a fan of the limited space nor the meager amount of supplies she was given.

Second sample :: Charlotte Slate

I promised her we would do a second coat & that she could help me with the walls when we found a pretty color. She suggested purple. Maybe for her walls ...

Wait. Wait. Wait.

We are going to have a little dance party now & catch some Clubhouse while we wait to do the second coat. All right Sadie, grab your tutu!

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