Saturday, June 30, 2012

Operation: Cheese! Part I

Tomorrow is going to be fun and stressful and one of those days you either look back on and smile or cringe.

14 people are going to be at Santa Monica beach bright and early for a family photo shoot. Mind you, 6 of those people are under the age of 4 1/2.  This is our first family photo for my side of the family. It is my Mom's Mother's Day present from the kids and grandkids. I'm hoping the photographer is willing to earn an purple heart for the 2-3 hours we are out there.

My adorable (if I do say so myself) little munchkin is 2 1/2. Sadie has long legs that are usually reserved for jumping and running. Her long curly blonde hair is the kind I dream I had been blessed with. Her bright blue eyes are mischevious and soulful. Her smile and laugh are infectious. A photo shoot sounds great.

Today, Sadie has managed to coat herself in the sample paint for the office. More specifically, the slate blue paint. Not the light green. The. Dark. Blue. I think it's completely out of her hair now.

She has also been extra thirsty. It's hot out. So she shares Daddy's *juice* (juice = water + fruit punch Mio). Her entire mouth inside and out is faded red. So far, that isn't going away despite my furious washing. (She has been cut off until after we leave the beach.)

Sadie has been cranky. She's 2. It's in her job description. But more so. I took her temperature. 99.9. Is that a fluke or is it on the rise?

She also has sensitive porcaline skin. Normally it's just lovely with a little TLC. Normally. An hour in the grass this afternoon playing with her cousins and she is now rash-y and blotchy all over her arms & legs. Sigh. Benedryl. STAT!

So let's recap. My gregarious beautiful bundle of joy is now a blue and red tinged crankpot.

I'm kinda hoping the final photos are black and white ... with maybe a bit of Photoshopping ....

Tomorrow I will post some action shots

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Take Me Out

The Red Sox are my husband's team. If we lived any closer, I am sure we would have season tickets. Our baby-moon to Boston and the east coast was so much fun! We took a tour of Fenway. Wow. It was incredible. The history lesson, the park, it was a great photo opportunity. I look back now & see different angles and perspectives I wish I had snapped. That just means we have to go back! Darn it ...

One of my favorite Fenway shots was included in this terrific baseball treasury ....

'Take me out to the ball game...' by c2cweaving

Busch Stadium in St. Louis Missouri - 8x10 Fine Art Photograph - visualjourneys
Busch Stadium in St. Lo...
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Rows of Field Box Seats, 100 Years, Historic Fenway Park, Empty Stadium, Boston Travel 5x7 Detail Photograph - LoudWaterfallPhoto
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Thank you for including Loud Waterfall Photography!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't Tell CPS ~

I made my child perform manual labor.  She loved it! We painted 2 samples swatches of the colors we bought yesterday.

Our 1st sample :: Hampton Green

So, I stripped her down (no ruined clothes if I can help it!). Handed her a small roller and a paper plate with a few dollops on it. Now, being 2 (and MY child), she is a bit of a free spirit. Sadie was not a fan of the limited space nor the meager amount of supplies she was given.

Second sample :: Charlotte Slate

I promised her we would do a second coat & that she could help me with the walls when we found a pretty color. She suggested purple. Maybe for her walls ...

Wait. Wait. Wait.

We are going to have a little dance party now & catch some Clubhouse while we wait to do the second coat. All right Sadie, grab your tutu!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Before ...

                                Mobile courtesy of Auntie Day!
The culprit exterior wall
Just another corner

Ok, kinda before. This is after the construction but before that it was a very sweet and complete nursery.

Moving on ....

Paint samples. Bought. Room layout. In my head. Construction people. Not coming back. It's all up to me ... Sure, I will be bouncing ideas off Jason, but for the most part, redecorating will take place while he is at work. Lucky devil ....

I grabbed sample sizes of the slate-ish/ blue and the yellowy-taupe (the two big discs). The freshly fixed carpet is already the small taupe sample color, the trim is white.

Gunkelman's Updated Classic

I'm thinking of maybe using the small yellow disc color for accent on maybe a shelf or organization something-something .... like the one below ....

Love the shelf above the desk

My desk and chair are a lovely dark wood - actual wood, not some facsimilie there of.  I need to make a cushion for my chair. Do I mix stain & paint pieces? Hmmm ..... I need a new bookshelf. I see a trip to IKEA in my near future. Love that place. Maybe The Container Store too .... This could get quite fun ....

The Big Girl! Room will have to wait until this project is done. I'm fine with that. Her room will require me sewing & that is still a hurdle. But I am sure I will pick out her fabric soon. I love a trip to F&S!

I will keep you posted on any progress. Samples will go up tonight. I like to live with them for at least a few days. See them in different light, different times of day, make sure I'm happy. So much easier than repainting! 

Have a good night ~

Discovering Treasures -

I have not made a treasury since .... heck, Christmas?!? Here is my treasury - a 123 Team theme - what do you think?! I could snatch up several of these goodies for myself in a heartbeat!

'Soft and Pale but Striking' by LoudWaterfallPhoto

an all 123 Treasury ....

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

This Is Not A Test ....

Ok. No more dilly dally-ing. This is not a test.

I want this, me, to be viable. I want this whole experience/ hobby/ project/ what-have-you to not only be something I want to do; but something that is more than it's own reward. Emails have gone out to blogs I like (non-sellers) to inquire about advertising. I have researched about having my site retooled by someone who knows what they are doing so it can become a finished product much sooner than I ever could do by myself. My office is just this close to being functional. This is not a test.

There are several aspects to Loud Waterfall :: the shop, the blog, the charity that I support. Then there is me. Loud Waterfall is me. This is not a test. This is me.

My time is not always my own. I have an amazing husband who has been promoted (sorta) and has entered about a year's length of training and added stress. I am so very proud of him - he works very hard and when he actually is home, I want to be there. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. This is not a test.

Discovering a snail in the rain - she was fascinated!

Then there is Sadiecakes. The two year old sparkly tornado that brings a smile to face on a minute-to-minute basis. She blows my socks off with her smarts and silly-ness. I want to play every game, decorate every cupcake, slide down each slide. I don't want to miss a single moment. I still have pangs of sadness for that I have missed. I do not want to add to the tally. This is not a test.

So where do I fit in? Where is my time? LWP time? Heaven forbid I get a few hours out of the house a week to go to the gym and lose the baby weight I have zero excuse to still have saddled on me. Time to go shoot something that isn't Sadie. Please do not get me wrong - I love that nearly all of my current photos are Sadie themed - I just need to find me. This is not a test.

So how do I morph these compartments of me into one functional, fun, a bit of old me/ a bit of new me? My Etsy shop turning one seems to be a turning point for me. The next few months should be eye-opening for me. This is not a test ....

This is not a test .... This is real. This is me.

To Be Treasured ....

I woke up this morning to 2 treasuries - what an honor!

My wooden tulips were included in a most colourful treasury of ESASO Team shops ....

'Rainbow Collection' by manchitra

Team treasury for For yarn Ktchen

Pink and purple Bunny mom -  upcycled stripe cutie - Soft and cuddling plushies - theYarnKitchen
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My Cancun dock photograph was included in a 123 Team Treasury! 

'~Summer Beach with a Splash of Blue~' by dreamfiber

Celebrate summer with 123 team creations!

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Such a treat! Have a lovely day ....