Friday, June 15, 2012

The gift of art? Why, yes please!

ColorWorkStudio: ColorWorkStudio Giveaway Sunday!

Lovely Keri is so sweet to have a giveaway in honor of her new blog! Check out her Etsy shop  - her tranquil seascapes and za-za-zing fashion shoots are an incredible dichotomy and so hard to choose only one favorite! But don't dawdle! Deadline to enter is Sunday. Yes! This Sunday - what are you waiting for?

Thank you Keri, both for being a great Etsy/ Facebook/ Blog Buddy as well as having a great eye for art and photography. Your shop is such a treat to visit!



  1. Thank you so much, Chelsea, for your kind words & for passing along my giveaway info!

    Love your blog here & your amazing photos on Etsy! (especially your sense of adventure, which I can totally relate to! :)


  2. Thanks K! It's nice to have people in the same boat to learn from, get advise, and bumble along with!