Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My question is ....

Jenn of LavenderAvenue selected my Fenway detail as her thank you gift for hanging out with us! Off to Colorado we go!

Thank you Danny! Maximonsterjte Photography has been one of my favorite Etsy shops (Thank you fPOE team!) She snagged her thank you gift too! A bit of San Francisco is on it's way to the Netherlands ...

So ... I have made no secret of the fact that this endeavor, blogging, is anything I really understand - impact-wise or relevancy-wise - in a society where we are reduced to 140 characters or simply a headline, why would someone be interested in me prattling on about .... what ... anything? Everything? Just art stuff? Are you as excited as I am that my daughter is learning new songs at school and can now hit a ball off the tee (she's 2, by the way) and run to a base? That I tried a hit Pinterest recipe and it was just awful?

I guess my question is ... what interests you? Why do you follow a blog?

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