Saturday, June 30, 2012

Operation: Cheese! Part I

Tomorrow is going to be fun and stressful and one of those days you either look back on and smile or cringe.

14 people are going to be at Santa Monica beach bright and early for a family photo shoot. Mind you, 6 of those people are under the age of 4 1/2.  This is our first family photo for my side of the family. It is my Mom's Mother's Day present from the kids and grandkids. I'm hoping the photographer is willing to earn an purple heart for the 2-3 hours we are out there.

My adorable (if I do say so myself) little munchkin is 2 1/2. Sadie has long legs that are usually reserved for jumping and running. Her long curly blonde hair is the kind I dream I had been blessed with. Her bright blue eyes are mischevious and soulful. Her smile and laugh are infectious. A photo shoot sounds great.

Today, Sadie has managed to coat herself in the sample paint for the office. More specifically, the slate blue paint. Not the light green. The. Dark. Blue. I think it's completely out of her hair now.

She has also been extra thirsty. It's hot out. So she shares Daddy's *juice* (juice = water + fruit punch Mio). Her entire mouth inside and out is faded red. So far, that isn't going away despite my furious washing. (She has been cut off until after we leave the beach.)

Sadie has been cranky. She's 2. It's in her job description. But more so. I took her temperature. 99.9. Is that a fluke or is it on the rise?

She also has sensitive porcaline skin. Normally it's just lovely with a little TLC. Normally. An hour in the grass this afternoon playing with her cousins and she is now rash-y and blotchy all over her arms & legs. Sigh. Benedryl. STAT!

So let's recap. My gregarious beautiful bundle of joy is now a blue and red tinged crankpot.

I'm kinda hoping the final photos are black and white ... with maybe a bit of Photoshopping ....

Tomorrow I will post some action shots


  1. Poor Sadie! I hope the antihistamines work quick :(
    Looking forward to seeing the cheesy group photos, lol

  2. Thanks Carrie! It all turned out great - I have some action/ shoot shots I will post later. I'm curious how the final images will look too!!