Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spreading the Love - Team Style

Good morning!

I jumped on the blog-a-day bandwagon a little quick and did not get a chance to interview shops for my first Spreading the Love promotion post. I thought I would take a minute to introduce you to two of the teams I belong to and tell you a little about them. Both are comprised of incredibly talented and amazing small business owners who are just so creative it kills me.

I joined Female Photographers of Etsy soon after launching my shop. This group of women is beyond words. Talented, smart, capable, true superwomen. There are members from all over the globe and every single one has each other's best interests at heart. There is very much a team spirit and effort - it's not a competition - which blows me away. Every morning you can find the new #fpoe Pin of the Day on Pinterest - one new beautiful image that we then send all over the Pintrest-phere. For your daily dose  of wow, I really encourage you to follow the board! Now, fPOE is a closed group and you must apply to be a member. That being said, I would encourage any and all of you women-owned Etsy photography shops to check the group out. I have found it to be a great resource for encouragement, advise, inspiration, giggles, and all around enjoyment.

Last year I joined The Artisan Group. Wow. This is a celebrity gifting group, comprised of every art and craft. You know those drool-able swag bags celebrities snag at awards ceremonies and other fab parties splashed all over the pages of People and other society magazines? Well, TAG is one of the groups that contributes to these events. One of my goals when I opened my shop was to be able to join TAG - I was quite nervous about applying (also a closed group). I mean, this is pretty big league for my little shop. I was delighted and ecstatic and then nervous when I was accepted. I started upping my game -- new products, new images, new branding. I am planning on gifting later this year - I will keep you posted. The Artisan Group can also be found on Pinterest. It's early in my experience with TAG but the encouragement and support and advise is wonderful with all the members. I also like that it's such a diverse group - jewelry, spa products, clothing, accessories, pet goodies, photography. It's nice to have the interaction and variety of both products and business approaches.  It's very much a learning experience for me and I am so excited to be a part of this group.

I hope you will take a minute to click on the links to these wonderful groups and explore some new shops - some new goodies - some new ideas. You will be so glad you did.

Have a great day -- see ya tomorrow!


  1. I'm a newbie to The Artisan Group and feel very fortuante to have been accepted. I believe it will prove to be invaluable to my business and am very excited about it after reading so many accounts of success by other sellers.

    1. My feelings exactly Arty! Welcome to TAG and thanks for stopping by my post!