Sunday, June 9, 2013

Is there an app for this?

It's June 9th. Wow. This getting into a new routine is hard. Finding time every day to get all 864 things that need to get done is hard. I know I'm lucky to get through half - that's ok - it's more about prioritizing what can fit into each 24 hours. I'm older and wiser than I was 9 days ago, not by a lot, but still.

So what has this first week of my new leaf accomplished? I worked out almost every day. I did manage to post every day (though my timing was rather haphazard). And I even jumped into some Summer Cleaning (it's a little late in the year to call it Spring ....). New routines are hard.

So, what fell through the cracks? My camera didn't move all week. That makes me sad. I even have a brand new lens that needs playing with! I have new products for the shop that I haven't listed. I adore - I mean adore - my new night lights and the coasters are so fun! But would anybody know that? No, because I haven't taken the time to list any of them. That makes me sad.  Naps. Naps definitely fell through the cracks. That always makes me sad ... and a little bit tired.

So, how do I fix this? How do I make everything fit? What do you do when trying to get accustomed to new routines? Do you have any tips or tricks? Is there an app for this? There's one for everything, right?

Have a great night!


  1. You said it! Making adjustments to new routines is hard. I'm a school teacher, so the month of June is like a cleansing month for me.

    To help cleanse me of things like procrastination and depression over things that bogged me down during the last year of teaching, I challenged myself to blog every day for the month of June (2013 Blogathon), send out 30 queries to 30 different markets in 30 days (Mridu Khullar Relph), signed up for a 4 week writing e-course (The Renegade Writer), and train for the Golden Olympics Trials to be held in August in my area.

    I'm exhausted, but SO HAPPY! I haven't felt this alive, ever. Not sure how long I can keep it up though... we'll see. I think I might blog about this over at Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks Diana for the encouragement! I did miss yesterday but I'm going to post a quick one tonight ... a little hard without my own computer.

      Gonna hop over to your blog -- thanks Diana for stopping by ....