Monday, June 10, 2013

And Snap I Did.

Fog Rolling In

We honeymooned in San Francisco. It was far too short (as any good honeymoon is). I hadn't been in years and we had never been together. I planned the heck out of our days. My idea of a holiday is to really explore - none of this lay in the sun for 7 days straight (Why pay good money to sleep? I'm too much of a fussbudget). Five days in a bustling city with Mr. LWP all to myself was just what the doctor ordered. We must have walked almost the entire city.

One of the outings I wanted to do was biking across the Golden Gate Bridge. The website said it's a great excursion and beginners love it - nice and leisurely. Perfect. I mean, I can ride a bike but I wanted to snap photos more than practice for the Tour de France.

Snap. Snap. Gasp for air. Snap. Snap. Dodge traffic. Snap. HONK! Pee my pants. Snap. Snap. Continue gasping for air. You get the idea.

The website was a little liberal with the word *beginner*. And I was not about to fall over and collapse in front of my paid-to-be-healthy-and-full-of-wonderful-dreamy-muscles-brand-new-husband. Not a chance. I have my pride. Besides, collapsing would inevitably damage my camera.

My main objective was to snap photos of the bridge - lots of angles - lots of shots - more is more when it comes to memory cards and quick trips. And snap I did.

When I see this photo, I relive lots of thing. The chill of the fog, the immense size of the landmark and just how tiny I felt under those giant suspension towers, the brightness of the orangey-red of the paint,  the wind on my face as we raced down the hill to Sausalito, a pained bum (stupid bike seat - I mean, I have enough padding), car whooshing past me, the view of my new hubby riding just in front of me, the taste of the cold beer when we finished. Sigh. It was a very good afternoon.


This is a popular image for Loud Waterfall Photography. I get all gooey and happy inside when someone decides to add my image to their home. Just above my head, right now, is an 11x14 print.

Tryptic of our adventure - love the lines!

Golden Gate


Love the pillow!

We are going back in November and I have even more vantage points on my list. I cannot wait!

See you tomorrow ....


  1. Love this image and your very funny story behind it. I love a good bike ride, but you are very brave -- or crazy maybe? I've driven across that glorious bridge too many times to try and bike it. Scary! What I LOVE to do is take my bike over to Sausalito on the Ferry. They serve beer (etc.) along the way and I'm always trying to get a good shot of the old San Quentin buildings...Plus, the Ferry Building with all of its restaurants and shops...heavenly. xo

    1. Elizabeth - that's my thoughts for the next trip! I biked in Paris (now THAT was crazy!) - then a stop for a bottle of wine - and the ride back. You really don't mind all the honking at that point!

      I adore the Ferry Building. Occupy SF was happening the week we were there - missed the mass expulsion by SFPD by a day ...

  2. Love it! You make see & feel the bike ride! lol! I am so behind in catching up with your latest posts! Have to go read the rest! :)