Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Adventures of a Photographing Momma & Her Snap Happy Shadow

I got my first camera when I was in elementary school - I remember it was a 110 film nothing fancy rectangle.  I loved it!  I didn't even care if it had film in it.  Sure, I was excited every time my Dad came home carrying one of those rainbow graphics envelopes that meant he had brought home my treasures; but more than half the fun was looking though the view finder & deciding what to snap.

My daughter, all of almost 2 and a half years old, LOVES anything that she isn't suppose to touch.  This makes her a very typical toddler.  Maybe this is how it is with all kiddos, I am sure; but Sadie's desire for wanting said object is rooted in her firm belief that she is not a toddler.  She is merely a vertically challenged person who is a bit clumsy (she, of course, sees all those traits in me).  If Mommy can do it, use it, wear it, drink it, eat it (you get the idea) - so. can. she.  Now bring Mommy's camera into the picture.

I did the research.  Really.  My 5 year old niece got a camera for Christmas from Grandma and Papa.  Big and colorful and chunky.  Cute, right?  The recommended age is 5+.  Ok, understandable.  It takes coordination, it takes responsibility.  I get it.  I simply can not wait almost 3 more years for her to have her own.  Several companies make kiddie cameras.  I looked into them all.  Cheapest?  About $50.  All the bells and whistles?  Around $80.  They all have tiny screens and most are PC only.  Here is where my rationalization takes over.  I'm a photographer - I want my cake and I want to eat it too. I want to shoot my images and I want to hold them in my hands. My daughter in no different.

So, while we were at my printers yesterday (Lovelovelove Fullerton Cameras!) I asked about used digital point&shoots.  Chris, one of my favorite people and my scan/ print guru, helped me pick one for her. It's a Nikon Coolpix L22. Yes, there was one $10 cheaper, but it had way too many buttons & knobs on it that I just envision snapping off before we made it to the car.  And it is used, so I'm getting a deal. And I'm supporting the little guy by buying from a small business and not from a company on the NYSE.

Her camera has a large screen, a big fat shutter button for her little fingers, it's not too clunky for her small hands, and a 2M card gives her 250 images with good resolution. AND I still spent less money than the kiddo cameras.

So I get her in the car - once she's strapped in, she gets her present. I try to give her a quick demo/ rundown of how it works. Forget it - *I do it myself, Momma* Yes ma'am. You've got it.

She's very excited to be doing it herself!

The 25 minute drive - she snapped, giggled, snapped some more, giggled some more, lots of *Cheese!* requests from the peanut gallery, and a few more giggles. I'm sure people next to us wondered why there was a strobe light in the back of my car. Her camera had 82 images on it.

Her first self portrait

Her view from the back seat

Now I understand that every mother thinks their child is brilliant and artistic and a natural at everything.   But I'm pretty certain that, while she is not a savant, she will be incredible at whatever she chooses to do - her strong will and independent nature will take her far.  I cannot wait to watch her grow up and make her own choices.  Ok, yes, I can.  But for now, I am beaming with pride that she wants and loves her camera.

Sadie's homage to one of my favorite painters, Mark Rothko
(Ok, it's really just her fingers over the lens but work with me here.)

Now say *Cheese!*


  1. Bahahaha, Chels, this is brilliant!! Lol, she is going to love that camera for years to come! Hmm, and that finger over the lens thingy makes one heck of a overlay/texture! You're an awesome momma :) x

  2. Danny! I didn't even think of the overlay/ texture aspect! Heck, I've got TONS to pick through for that ... Brilliant! She is going to love cameras for sure, we will have to see how long this particular one lasts. SHe may get my hand-me-downs from now on ... Thanks for the compliments!

  3. Oh! Love this! She is so cute, & I am sure you made her VERY happy! Love the self portrait...those blue eyes! And the fine art photo is pretty cool too! I think she is ready for FPOE already! :)

    1. Thanks Keri - she has proudly shown off her camera to everyone!

  4. You are the best mom EVER! :0) Looking forward to seeing her progress...and I can just hear her giggles!

    1. Thanks Brittany - I think I'm more excited to see the images than she is for sure.

  5. Replies
    1. I think Auntie Day needs to come out and help her make a collage of her photos. Definitely. -xox